About Us

Stafford Folk Dance Club was founded in 1952 and so in 2022 celebrated its Platinum Jubilee (70 years). A celebration Folk Dance took place in 2023 as it was delayed by Covid. A dance and tune competition was not held as in common with previous anniversaries due to lack of members.  Over the years the Club has met at various venues but now is in permanent residence at Walton Village Hall in Green Gore Lane along Milford Road (the A513) going towards Milford Common. For those using SATNAV the postcode is ST17 0LD. We meet on a Thursday evening from September to July inclusive, at 8pm and finish at 10.15 pm. The weekly charge is £2.50 with annual membership at £5. Visitors are charged £3.00 but the first evening is free. We have a break during the evening for a tea or coffee and this is included in the charge - PLEASE BRING YOUR OWN CUP/MUG.

Our dances are a mixture of old ones including the type of dance used in the Jane Austen television programmes and films, together with American style dances and recently composed dances.  Dances are similar to those called at barn dances. Every month we dance to live music when musicians from the Stafford Folk Music Workshop, that meets on the first Sunday afternoon of the month, come to play for us. On other evenings we use CDs.

Our callers on Thursday evenings are mostly members of the Club but we do have visiting callers from other Clubs in the vicinity. They all have their own specialities so that there is a wide variety in our evenings.   All dances are walked through first and called during the dance.  The wearing of masks is optional.